Film for Thought: America’s Burning with Q&A featuring director David Smick to follow


Studio Theater Wed, Jul 31 7:00 PM
Run Time:1H 23M


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Join us for a very special edition of Film for Thought with the documentary feature America’s Burning, which will be followed by Q&A with director David Smick.

Synopsis: From Executive Producers Michael Douglas and Barry Levinson, America’s Burning draws on an amazing collection of thinkers and strategists, from James Carville and Amy Chua to Ian Bremmer and Leon Panetta, as New York Times best-selling author David Smick guides the viewer on a journey to discover the reasons for today’s hate and division — and rising risk of civil war.

For 40 years, the US economy has been a paradox. It’s been an extraordinary wealth-creating machine, but only for the half of the country that owns stocks. Capitalism has, as James Carville put it, become “a racket” — the ultimate corporate insider’s club, a system centrally controlled by the well-connected few. As a result, the middle class is shrinking and the American Dream’s promise of social mobility for all who work hard is dying. A new Velvet Rope Society of brains and money has cut itself off from the rest of America. Working families feel forgotten and angry, but it doesn’t have to be this way. America has an impressive history of resilience. Narrated by Michael Douglas, the film shows why our best days could still lie ahead.