Nantucket Comedy Festival Presents: Maya Manion and Paul Nardizzi hosted by Kevin Flynn


Studio Theater Thu, Nov 16, 2023 7:00 PM
Run Time:1H 15M
Category:Live Comedy


Are you tired of the same old routine during the off-season? Looking for some laughter to brighten your days? Look no further! Join us at the Dreamland for the Nantucket Comedy Festival Presents:  Maya Manion and Paul Nardizzi hosted by our own Kevin Flynn.  We're bringing the heat and humor to these chilly months. Prepare to laugh until your sides hurt as our hilarious comedians take the stage. They'll leave you in stitches with their offbeat humor and relatable anecdotes. 


Tickets:  $35 + $3 Service Fee*

Run Time: 75 minutes, rated R
This is a Nantucket Comedy Festival Production.  Dreamland Member Benefits Do Not Apply.


More About the Comics


Maya Manion was born in Vermont but moved to Rhode Island for show biz. Maya notes that she was featured on Nick at Night’s "Funniest Mom in America" and recently placed runner up in Mohegan Sun's Funniest Comic in New England.  She entertains all over New England, making hundreds of dollars a year. Maya only travels as far as she can drive in one night because no one will watch her three kids for longer.


Paul Nardizzi is a Boston-based comedian known for his rapid fire delivery and sarcasm.  Paul grew up in Dedham and graduated from Bentley University before embarking on a career in stand up. He has been described as a cross between Dennis Miller and Steven Wright.   Paul is a fan of both, although he prefers George Carlin over all others.  The greatest compliment he ever got was from the father of a comedian he had just bested in a comedy competition.  The man told his son, while in earshot of Paul, "He beat you because you say things funny, but he says funny things".